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Soft-Labs is a series of specialized online conferences for IT professionals such as developers, testers, architects, analysts and software project managers organized by Luxoft Training.

The annual number of participants in our online conferences varies from 3000 to 5000. In 2015 we took our project to the international level and organized our first online Java conference for the English speaking audience. 

Every conference is a one-day event lasting for 6-7 hours and consisting of 4 to 6 presentations followed by discussion sessions. Everybody can participate in our conferences for free. 

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TEST Labs 2016. Online conference for testers and test-managers. March, 19 

We invite you to take part in our new conference for testers and test-managers. During a 7-hour session, we are going to present 4 reports about solving uncommon cases, which testers meet on a daily basis. All reports are based on testers’ experience gained in real projects. More

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DEV Labs 2015. Online conference for Java-developers. May 23, 2015 

We invite you to take part in our DEV Labs web conference for Java-developers on May 23, 2015. The goal we have set is to talk about the opportunities associated with new versions of products, to introduce new useful tips and tricks, to share the latest techniques for solving complicated cases and of course, to discuss the most burning questions related to his field. Video


Mar 8, 2016
Dear colleagues! We are glad to announce that we have just opened the registration for the second English-speaking conference Soft Labs organized by Luxoft Training. This time the conference will be centered around Software Testing and will be held in March, 19.

Apr 29, 2015
We are glad to announce that the new report was included into the conference program. On May 23 Senior Software Developer of Luxoft company will present you  the report “From Bytecode to Native Code in HotSpot JVM
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